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1. As a private client can I buy directly or do I have to turn to a merchant?

By visiting our online shop you can find all the items which are for direct sale with many advantageous offers. Apart from the direct sale, our firm distributes important products to resellers on the whole national territory. Consult the list of the resellers under the section "rivenditori".

2. As a private client can I send directly a suspension to ask for assistance?

A private client is NOT obliged to use the support of a merchant to send the material that has to be repaired. Only for requests with guaranty it is necessary to turn to a reseller, who has to send the suspension to our technical department by following the procedure of the consignment.

3. Which documentations do I have to attach to send a shock, a fork or a telescopic seat post?

You have to fill out the online form which you can find under the section "service" or you can stamp it, fill it out by hand and attach it to the package together with the product.

IMPORTANT: Apart from the documentation, we inform you that the forks have to be sent completely. In case of a model with two crowns you have to send the product with both crowns. Instead the shocks have to be sent completely with the spring and the reducer (these last ones also with the air shocks). In case of absence of these components, B.S.C. srl has the right to not accept the product.

4. How do I have to send my shock, my seat post or my fork to BSC?

It is possible to send them with a courrier of your choice. The transport costs are always payable by the client. Packages with assigend carrying costs are not accepted.

5. How long does it take to check/repair my suspension?

If the client sends the fork/shock/seat post with all the requested documents it takes a few days. When the requested documents are missing or nor filled out completely, the products can NOT be passed to the technical department and we have to wait for the missing documents.

6. How can I pay the intervention and how much does it cost?

They payment occurs only with terminated work. It is possible to choose between the following methods of payment: cash on delivery (taking costs € 4.00), paypal or bank transfer. You can find the price list under "assistenza" "prezzi revisioni-manutenzioni". The transport costs are NOT included in the price of the intervention and can vary between € 10.00 and € 23.00 according to the choosen courrier.

7. Can I ask for an estimate of costs for the reparation?

You can ask for an estimate of costs under "richiesta interventi" after the technicians B.S.C. have analysed the product. The estimate of costs is announced to the client. Requests of interventions without giving the technicians the chance to analyse the product can not be taken into consideration.

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