Terms and conditions

How to order

When you have decided which products you want to buy, you can send your order in the following ways:

  • ·         VIA INTERNET from the commercial website www.bikesuspension.com where you can insert the products in the cart and pay online with a credit cart, Paypal, bank transfer in advance or cash on delivery.
  • ·         WITH A SIMPLE E-MAIL writing at the address of the electronical post bscshop@pepi.it. Remember to point out how much is requested from you, your first and last name, your telephone number and the complete address for the consignment. If you choose to pay cash on delivery, make sure that at the address is always someone in place who can receive the package and pay the amount of the cash on delivery. It is possible to point out a place of delivery which is different from the home address, provided that there is a possibility to receive and pay the package (for example at the place of work or at a family member who is present at home during the whole day). At the act of consignment, when you have decided to pay by cash on delivery, the customer has to pay cash the whole amount of the invoice to the courrier. Of course the amount of the invoice corresponds to the amount of the order without futher debits.

The prices are inclusive I.V.A. Postage and handling are excluded (see below the method of consignment and costs).

Method of consignment and costs

The consignment of the orders occur by Poste Italiane (SDA) with packages express 3 or certified letter and only by specific requests of the user by the courrier GLS, Bartolini or TNT. The user can make a choice of the carrier at the moment of the ordering. The duration of the delivery by poste italiane can vary between a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 8 days on the whole territory of Italy from the effective sending of the package. With the courriers GLS, Bartolini or TNT the duration of the delivery is about 2 workdays for the whole peninsula (except uneasily zones) and about 3-5 workdays for Calabria and islands from the effective sending of the package. At the day of the sending of the material, an e-mail is sent to the customer. The consignments occur from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm. A phone notice is NOT possible.
If you choose the courrier GLS, Bartolini or TNT, at the moment of the order you have to insert a phone address, which is communicated to the courrier to inform the recipient about logistical mistakes. When the recipient is not present at the moment of consignment, the courrier GLS, Bartolini or TNT leaves a notice in the letterbox. After the client has been informed by B.S.C. srl, the expenses of stay and storage concerning the courrier GLS, Bartolini or TNT are payable by the client (storage costs € 19.00). 
As far as poste italiane (SDA) is concerned, if the recipient is not present at the moment of consignment, it is his care to pick up the package.
Withdrawal at the stores of the courriers GLS or BARTOLINI: All items that are on the web site BSC srl can be delivered to the stores of Bartolini if there is a request of stopped depository at the moment of order.
Please visit the web site GLS or Bartolini and localize the nearest store. When you received the product, we beg you to confirm:

  • that the number of the packages on the letter of the carrier is effectivelty the one that is delivered;
  • that the package is completely and not damaged; protests are immediately relieved at the courrier. When the damage is easily verifiable, we ask you to refuse the delivery.

If anomalies are identified, the buyer should communicate the misunderstanding by writitng at bscshop@pepi.it. B.S.C. srl is not responsible for delays chargeable to the shipper. Delays do not give the right for refund. The loss of items concerning the shipper gives the buyer the right to receive a new product within a necessary time, so that B.S.C. srl can dispatch the practice. Subsequently you can find the transport costs by Poste italiene, GLS, Bartolini or TNT according to the payment that was choosen at the moment of order: Transport costs with cash on delivery payment: For orders with a cash on delivery payment under € 50.00 the transport costs are € 6.00 plus € 4.00 for cash on delivery costs, total € 10.00. For orders above € 50.00 you have to pay only € 4.00 for cash on delivery costs. Transport costs with bank transfer payment, Paypal or credit card: For orders with bank transfer payment, Paypal or credit card under € 50.00 the transport costs are € 6.00. For orders above € 50.00 the consignment is free.



1. Bank transfer payment in advance (also bank transfer ONLINE)
In case of bank transfer payment in advance, the client can forward the order from the shop by choosing the field for bank transfer, or by sending an e-mail to the address bscshop@pepi.it, communicating the method of payment; once received the confirmation of the availability of the products, the bank identification number is the following: Recipient: B.S.C. srl Bank: Cassa Rurale di Lagundo IBAN: IT 37 R 08112 58590 000302262401 The order is carried out only if the credit arrived on our cc bank. If you are in a hurry, this is not the ideal method of payment, then it is advisible to choose Paypal or credit card. Usually the time for the accounting of bank transfer payment is between 2-4 work days. We recommend to pay attention to insert in the credit transfer the nearest day of currency, concerning that some online banks insert in default the day of currency successive 4-5 days.

2. Credit card - Paypal
It is possible to pay with credit card of Paypal only if the order is submitted by our online shop and NOT via e-mail. The payment occurs by protected connections SSL a 128 Bit.

3. Cash on delivery (Maximum €  1,000) 
At the moment of the delivery, the customer has to pay cash the whole amount of the invoice directly to the courrier (other forms of payment are not accepted and change is not provided). Of course the amount of the invoice corresponds to the amount of the order without futher debits. B.S.C. srl carries out all controls of the case to avert every possbility of mistakes, fraudulent and unauthorised use of these type of payment.When anomalies or non correspondence are identified, the order will be canceled. In case of malice, an accusation is made. ***IMPORTANT*** It is forbidden to insert false, altered or invented information in every form of registration (personal information, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, ecc.) B.S.C. srl has the right to prosecute every form of violation or abuse, according the own interests, the interests of the users and of the institutions. B.S.C is not responsible for fraudulent and unlawful use of the own web site and the own services and every type of payment on the part of any third parties.

Withdrawal: The right of withdrawal means that you are allowed to unilaterally withdraw from the contract concluded via internet, and by sending the product back to the trader you are entitled to get the paid amount reimbursed. This right is reserved to a natural person (consumers). Shipping costs for returning the goods have to be paid by the customer. If you want to withdraw your product you have to send within 14 days from the day of receivement of the product a message where you express your desire to withdraw from the contract. The right of withdrawal decays if the product is not intact, if the packaging is missing, if integral parts of the products are missing or if the product is damaged not due to the transport.

Procedure for the right of withdrawal: If you bought something on our website, but you want to withdram from the purchase, please follow this procedure: 1. Send a registered letter with a notice of receivement to B.S.C. srl, within 14 days from the day of receivement of the product, (or a fax or a e-mail provided that it is followed within 48 hours from the registered letter A.R.), where you express your right to withdraw from your purchase. 2. Reveal in advance the communication via e-mail or telephon, contacting the number 0473-563107. Within the next workday we will send an authorization number of the return (NAR) to your e-mail address, which you left at the moment of the purchase.