OKO Sealant Hi Fibre 5 lt + injektor OKO-HI-FIBRE-5lt


OKO TEST HiFibre more the article: click   NEW  OKO Hi-Fiber sealant with microfibers which closes holes up to 6mm OKO Magic Milch - Hi Fiber 100% synthetic latex, new formula microfibers with the most suitable since it rapidly seals the tires in combination with the tubeless ready assembly. Its fluidity is guaranteed thanks all`eccezionale composition which allows the liquid to spread rapidly on all the internal parts of the tire and rim. OKO Magic Milch - Hi Fiber is perhaps the most suitable for general use and is great to be paired with PTN. - Closes holes up to 6mm - Ammonia - Synthetic latex, with microfibers remains fluid more long compared to natural latex - To Tubeless Ready, and UST Tubeless - Anti corrosion, not harmful - Sigilla all´istante, forature o porositá di copertoni e cerchi - Formula ultra light - Pack with fitting 5 lt + injektor

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