OKO Tyre Sealants Puncture Free 250ml OKO-PUNCTURE-250

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OKO PUNCTURE FREE BICYCLE • All-purpose on road/ off road product. Seals holes up to 4 mm. • For tubed tyres or full-tubeless set-ups. Ideal for e-bikes. • Water-based. Environmentally safe. • Lasts the life of the tyre, without drying up.

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OKO Punctur Freeinnovative formula based on water and micro granulates able to clog holes or cuts up to 4 mm. The liquid is what is also used in combination with the rooms d`aria OKO Punctur Free Self-sealing inner tube. Specifications are similar all`OKO X-Treme but a little 'less dense. For this reason there are two possibilities of application which lead to a good result: apply with a brush (same procedure recommended for OKO X-Treme) or enter the liquid phase of mounting the tire or via the convenient syringe OKO Tire Sealant Injector. Those who choose to enter the liquid as the last step of the installation must be considered that being more dense dell`OKO Magic Milch its extension need for a certain period of time (a few kilometers). Once extended everywhere, the sealant will remain active for many months.

- Non-harmful water based
- Seals multiple punctures and snake bites up to 4mm
- Ideal for Tubeless, UST and Ready *
- It remains active for the duration of the tire
- Dynamic and ultra light composition
- High performance, also suitable for E-Bike
- Packaging with fitting - 250 ml
*better performance with Tubeless, UST for Tubeless ready to be used only in case of perfect coupling between tire and rim seat