Reverse Handlebar Seismic Carbon REV_00000025


NEW handlebar with Seismic technology, able to independently absorb vibrations.

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Reverse Manubrio Seismic nero 10mm
Reverse Manubrio Seismic yellow 25mm
We present the new handlebar with Seismic technology. After over two years of testing and at the request of our team we developed this handlebar using seismic technology, capable of absorbing the vibrations in an autonomous manner. We used the data obtained from our lab tests EFB to reduce stress on the arms without sacrificing strength and durability of our handlebar. This handle is used by our team of DH SOLID-REVERSE World Cup with Morgane Charre.
- Width: 790 mm
- Ø: 31.8 mm
- Rise: 10 mm - 25mm
- Upsweep: 0°
- Weight: 195 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
- Material: Carbon