Valves Kit LUFTY Aluminum x Tubeless PTN-ALU-VALVE


We are pleased to present you our new invention that has not existed worldwide so far.A tubeless valve specially designed for use with all common tire inserts. The special design has 3 main features: 1. The wide-angled opening prevents clogging by the tire sealant by the fact that the open cross section is many times greater than with valve heads with classic holes. The mounting direction of the opening of the valve head is aligned with one of the rim flanks, because thus, in any direction of rotation, the possibly attached tire sealant is continuously thrown out of the shaft by centrifugal force, leaving sealant exposed. 2. The height of the valve head could be reduced by this ingenious design and is thus about 2mm flatter than the usual tire insert valves with bore. This creates another important advantage and indeed any tire insert is thus raised less and is thus better in the valve base in the bottom of the rim. 3. weight! Yes, this is a new world record because all the research shows that no other manufacturer can offer an aluminum valve specifically for tire inserts in this length version with a lightweight of only 4 gr. The weight includes the complete valve with all attachments.

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