PTN Tubeless tire measurement gauge PTN- Manometro


Digital pressure gauge created mainly for professional use in combination with tubeless systems and various types of sealants. The classic pressure gauges after several measurements are clogged due to the partial passage of sealing liquid from the fitting towards the unit of measurement, making the tool almost always unusable. For this reason and thanks to the long experience on world competition fields, we have tried to minimize this inconvenience by building a tool equipped with a filter capable of hindering the transit of the sealant towards the unit of measurement. The filter area and the filter itself must be checked periodically, cleaning or replacing the filter if necessary. The package contains digital pressure gauge ready to use, spare rubber for Schrader connection,

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Main technical features:

  • four field units for reading the display selectable values ??BAR, MPA, PSI and KG / CM
  • maximum reading 200 PSI - 14.2 BAR 
  • automatic pressure relief and in the absence of pressure the shutdown is automatic.
  • accuracy is less or more than 1%
  • power supply 2 lithium cell CR2032 3V batteries, by removing the external rubber protection you can easily access the two doors containing the batteries.



if the tool is subjected to more than 250 PSI it risks damage