PTN Raceline + Sealant OKO Magic Milk PTN-RACE-OKO


PTN raceline combined with the best liquid Tuebelss OKO Magik Milk. The Raceline was born from the precise needs of runners of the World Cup, it combines all the key features that can dramatically improve the performance of athletes engaged in different disciplines Enduro-DH, XC and competitions where you use MTB All Mountain.

  Product Price Availability Quantity  
PTN-RaceLine paio L-26"+ OKO Magik Milk 60,00  
PTN-RaceLine paio L-27,5"+OKO Magik Milk 60,00  
PTN-RaceLine paio M-26"+ OKO Magik Milk 60,00  
PTN-RaceLine paio M-27,5"+OKO Magik Milk 60,00  
PTN-RaceLine paio M-29"+ OKO Magik Milk 60,00  
PTN-RaceLine paio S-27,5"+OKO Magik Milk 50,00  
PTN-RaceLine paio S- 29"+OKO Magik Milk 50,00  
Measure PTN 
Measure tire  
External rim width
PTN Ø Weight 
 S 50mm +/- 5mm  2.0 - 2:25 23 -33 mm   33mm 48-50 gr
 M 60mm +/- 5mm  2:35 to 2:50 27 - 38mm   44mm 78-82 gr
 THE 70mm +/- 10mm  2.60 - 2.80 35 - 48mm   48mm 88-90 gr 

LINK: Video installation PTN

PTN raceline Ultra lightweight and durable. The winning story of PTN red raceline began in 2017 and to this day boasts three world titles, two overall victories in the World Cup, six European champion titles and numerous national titles in different countries. Fans of this sport were so fascinated by the PTN raceline which soon became one of the inserts for tubeless tires sold. Already in 2015 the basis for product development have been created. Countless hours of work in the internal laboratory and on the test bench, as well as tests on various paths with the best professionals to know and experience the different types of the polymer and the various shapes / diameters. 

Content: 1 pair PTN raceline
  1 bottle liquid Tubeless OKO Magic Milk
  1 pair special valves 
  1 instruction handbook
  PTN Stickers



* Product used in the way the cup
* Lightweight ULTRA Material
* Reduces stallonamenti the tire
* Improves grip due to the possibility of running with more low pressures
* Minimize damage to the rim and tire
* Can be used on aluminum rims and carbon without contraindications
* Va used with tubeless tires, latex and air
* Absorbs shock and produces an effective damping
* Reduces the risk of the side pinching the so-called Snake bite
* in case of puncture makes it possible to continue the race until the next hilt 
* Being a ULTRA Light product falls in consumables