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The first Bike Suspension Center in Italy

For many precision is only a word, for us it is the only way to work.
Fill in the form below or download it in PDF and add it to the product that has to be sent.
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The forks have to be sent completely with both crowns in case of a model with two crowns, but the shocks have to be sent completely with the spring and the reducer (these last ones also with the air shocks). In case of absence of these components, B.S.C. srl has the right to not accept the product.
Consignment adress: B.S.C srl - Via Monte Leone 4 – 39010 Cermes (BZ)

GUARANTY: Requests of interventions with GUARANTY are accepted only if the product has been distributed officially by B.S.C. srl and they have to arrive by retailers. Besides it is necessary to sent a photocopy of the original sales slip.


    Specify the type of intervention thas is requested:
*  Product:
*  Brand:
*  Model:
*  Brand, model and year of the bike:
*  Specify defects/ dysfuntions:
    Specify requests of tuning: (weight biker, spring calibration or air pressure in PSI)
*  Surname and name:
*  Address:
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*  City - Nation:
*  E-Mail:
*  Phone adress:
*  Method of payment:
*  Consignment: (If at the address of consignment is not always someone in place we recommend the post. ATTENTION: If you choose a courier, in case of absent address, there are invoiced € 18.00 because of stock costs.
    Consignment adress:
* I accept the conditions:
*  I accept the regulation about privacy:

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